Technical details - Microbus VW Crafter 2008

  • ABS
  • ESP
  • Air Conditioning
  • Independent heating
  • Speed limiter
  • A full-fledged reserve
  • Towing device (ball)

Description of the car

To rent a car, you must have a "D" driving licence. If you need a driver, we will be happy to arrange one for you as part of our service shuttle.

The VW Crafter 2008 bus is the ideal choice for those looking for a spacious and reliable vehicle for transporting large groups of people. This model offers a comfortable interior with plenty of room for up to 9 passengers, making it ideal for family trips, corporate events or group outings.

With a modern and efficient engine, it ensures a smooth and economical ride, while its robust construction and highly rated safety equipment keep you safe on the road. Plus, its large boot provides plenty of space for all your luggage and equipment. This makes the VW Crafter 2008 bus the perfect solution for comfortable and efficient group transportation.

from 3500Kč/day

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