Our company offers you professional "Shuttle" transportation services. We offer comfortable and safe transportation to many attractive destinations in Cesky Krumlov, Vienna, Munich, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Prague, Passau, Karlovy Vary, Melk, Linz, Bratislava and other places.

We can arrange a comfortable shuttle service from your hotel, airport, reception or to any address you need. Regardless of your current location, we will safely and conveniently transport you directly to your next destination, all without any additional charges!

We are committed to making your journey with us as pleasant and efficient as possible, which is why we emphasize an individual approach to each client, flexibility and a high level of service. With our fleet of modern vehicles and experienced drivers, we are ready to meet your expectations and ensure a comfortable journey, whether you are on a business trip, going on holiday or any other occasion.

Pricelist - Private Shuttle

The car is always reserved for you and your group. The price is for the whole car. Prices are also valid for the opposite direction of travel, for example Prague > Český Krumlov.

FromWhere toPrice 1-3 personsPrice 4-8 persons
Cesky KrumlovPrague4 400 CZK7 500 CZK
Cesky KrumlovVienna4 400 CZK7 500 CZK
Cesky KrumlovMunich5 900 CZK9 800 CZK
Cesky KrumlovSalzburg4 400 CZK7 500 CZK
Cesky KrumlovHallstatt4 400 CZK7 500 CZK
Cesky KrumlovLinz2 500 CZK5 500 CZK
Cesky KrumlovAnother cityindividuallyindividually
Prices are without VAT.

Pricelist - Shared Shuttle

The car is supplemented by additional passengers. Price is per person. Prices are also valid for the opposite direction of travel, i.e. for example Prague > Český Krumlov. If there are not enough passengers to fill the car, then the following prices apply private shuttle.

FromWhere toPrice per person from:
Cesky KrumlovPrague990 Kč
Cesky KrumlovVienna990 Kč
Cesky KrumlovMunich1 200 CZK
Cesky KrumlovSalzburg990 Kč
Cesky KrumlovHallstatt990 Kč
Cesky KrumlovLinz550 CZK
Cesky KrumlovAnother cityindividually
Prices are without VAT.

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